a day in the life | january edition

Every Thursday night we pick up my Grandpa, which we refer to as Papaw, and go out to dinner.  It usually consists of a lot of political talk on the car ride. Which I just listen as he talks, because politics do not interest me, but I wouldn’t tell him that. Sometimes we turn on some old Bill Monroe bluegrass music. We all sing along as Papaw tenors. He actually would sound pretty good if he could remember the words. But its cute to hear him sing anyways. Then we arrive to dinner and Papaw orders the same thing he always orders, along with a cup of coffee, and don’t forget the bread! He has really bad hearing so most everyone can hear our conversations in the restaurant because we have to literally yell at him. We giggle a lot because he doesn’t hear things correctly and makes it out to be something so different from what was said 🙂

After dinner, we head back home…

The best part of every night is seeing his face light up when he sees his great grandbabies. There is no doubt he loves his family. And he tells us how much he loves us every time we see him. He may be hard to handle sometimes, but I couldn’t have asked for a better grandfather. He has lived a life with a lot of loss, but he cherishes the family that he has left.

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2 thoughts on “a day in the life | january edition

  1. Love Uncle Charles so much! We miss him more than he will ever know but we are happy that you will all get to enjoy him and make lasting memories.

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